N.A. Villa Plots, 2000 sq. ft. Onwards..

Kisan path,Lucknow. Strarting Rs. 6 lakh

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It is planned to evolve a unique plantation theme for “Rado Golf Estate” using Native and Ornamental species. Natives are the plants naturally occurring in any given area that are suitable to local climate, ecosystem are associated with local wildlife.

This adds a new dimension to overall ambience where associated birds & butterflies are attracted creating liveliness on land.


Greener environments provide a place for recreation and create intrinsic value for natural surroundings.

Living close to nature with world class sport facilities which improve health and wellbeing, bringing a whole new sense to ecological living.

The aesthetics of plantation is considered along with the ecological value of plants. So, trees selected are native & climatically appropriate to the region. Amongst shrubs, knowing project needs & limitations of native plants, we have selected few non-natives for hedge planting.

This plant selection will give little natural look to plantations and even the hedges. So, the hedges will Look Different than the normal “Duranta”Hedges.




The entire project created as the lap of nature with the planted of 30,000 which one giving you the green environment in the township and healthy.