N.A. Villa Plots, 2000 sq. ft. Onwards..

Kisan path,Lucknow. Strarting Rs. 6 lakh

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"Rado Golf Estate"

Site is tastefully planed

and Being developed to provide

you with the best of

Asian Inspired Architecture



Soothing Water Features at Club House,

Landscapes gardens, Inviting,

entrance plaza, Sport activity center,

Golf driving range, Football ground, Wrestling Court,

Shooting range, Water Park & club & resorts

Within “Rodo Golf Estate”


walkways and 18mtrs, And 12mtrs circular internal roads,

promises to Give a sense of complete

Gated Community Living

amidst countryside.


Complete with meticulous planning and excellent infrastructure,

“Rado Golf Estate”’ is set to redefine residential

standards with modern features.














Banyan Trees, palm trees,

Ashok tree thickets of bamboos

and Flowering shrubs makes

Rado Golf Estate a unique vacation retreat.

Proximity to the city makes “Rado Golf Estate”.

Apossible permanent address.

Your very own private gateway retreat.